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Using e-learning to drive sales and service excellence

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Based in Munich, Germany, Rodenstock is a medical technology company and major manufacturer of spectacle lenses and frames. Rodenstock distributes their products of highest quality through independent opticians, who opt to become their partner as a point of differentiation in a market that is increasingly under pressure by e-commerce.

Rodenstock developed their innovative B.I.G. VISION® FOR ALL. Through their refraction technology, the DNEye Scanner, Rodenstock measures the exact data of your eye and is able to transfer that data into their lenses. Every eye is different and finally, the customer can improve their eyesight with lenses that match their eye only.

But once developed in the head office, how can the value of this unique technology be conveyed to the customer?

That’s where The Skill Shop came in. In our first video calls we clearly defined two target audiences, the Rodenstock sales force that develops new partner opticians and the optician and their teams. To maximize return on investment, we suggested to write a video script from which both sales teams and the opticians can benefit.

In collaborative sessions we defined what knowledge and skills are key to selling biometric intelligent glasses efficiently:

1 - Shift focus from features to value selling

Customers are not interested in why your product is superior, but they will listen when you clearly state what they stand to gain. We dedicated one 4-minute lesson to this mindset shift, explaining why a consumer's brain only pays attention when their personal gain is crystal clear and how to apply this knowledge through the PAIN - CLAIM - GAIN framework.

2 - Clearly express the customer value of biometric intelligent classes

To give practical guidance, we developed jargon-free sentences for opticians and their sales colleagues that efficiently expressed that gain. We took each unique sales proposition of biometric intelligent glasses and created clear, simple statements that were easy to remember and understand.

3 - Weave sales and customer experience into one journey at the optician

We found while mystery shopping that when a customer visits an optician, they are often not aware of the type of refraction technology being used to measure their unique eye length. If a customer isn't explained that this is the only superior measurement technology available on the market, how can they be expected to agree to the premium price point at the end of the sales process, let alone tell friends and family about their great experience?

That’s why the course demonstrated to opticians how to optimize the customer journey through raising the level of social, physical and emotional comfort. We added an educational chat during the customer experience on the technology used and also employed the measurement review as a conversation that positions biometric intelligent glasses favourably.

Now that we knew what learning the course had to convey, we wrote 8 lessons that made up the learning path.

Forming the basis of the course was a combination of existing training materials from Rodenstock, our sales and customer experience expertise and an engaging didactical concept. To ensure content accuracy, Rodenstock’s product team reviewed and approved the script.

Next, we were ready for production.

Yes, filming in front of a green screen would have been more cost effective, but we wanted each optician to truly relate to the environment. We agreed to film right where the magic happens: at the Rodenstock head office. Over two days actors were cast to suit the look & feel of Rodenstock, our production team filmed helpful B-roll shots, and we completed the instructor-led learning sequences in front of various backgrounds. Tired, but pleased that we brought hours of excellent footage to the cutting room and kicked-off post-production.

To prepare for launch, we translated the course into 9 languages, making it available in each Rodenstock market.

It’s scientifically proven that mother-tongue learning achieves the most favourable knowledge retention. We carefully evaluated which markets needed a full voice-over and which ones a transcription in their native language. Upon completion, each country general manager and their team uploaded the course onto their sales technology platform.

Rodenstock now tracks the correlation between the use of the course and their sales results in each market.

To measure the impact of each sales tool that makes BIG Vision for All a success, Rodenstock tracks how often a sales associate has watched the course with opticians in their territory. The course is used strategically to onboard new partner opticians, but also to enable opticians where sales revenues are behind.

A win - win for Rodenstock and their partners alike.

We love that this course allows the Rodenstock sales team to provide value to opticians and their teams through complimentary training. In addition to this, it aims to increase sales revenue at the optician, which in turn supports the growth of Rodenstock.

If you have a product that you are launching and want your teams to be able to position it as part of your customer journey, reach out to us now.


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