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Someone starting to map the steps in the customer journey with a blue marker on a pre-printed poster paper.

Mapping out your customer journey

Defining what’s important to your customer

Successful customer journeys consist of an interaction between people and devices, digital and analog steps. In times of digitalization the analog customer experience has become more relevant than ever before. Technology makes us efficient but people make us memorable.


Through journey mapping we identify the most impactful touch points to elevate your customer’s experience. Nothing should be left to chance and we design with intent and purpose, reflecting your company values.

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Consulting - Client Opportunities

We'll tackle it together

 What's your challenge?

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customer loyalty - real estate

“Satisfied customers spend more, come back and recommend us. That’s where we need to be more proactive.  Every employee should understand customer loyalty and pursue it strategically.”

too product focused - design firm

“We are very proud of our product. Nevertheless, we have to think of our processes more from the customer's perspective. The customer must be the focus of everything we do. That requires a service mindset, and we still lack that somewhat.”

patient experience - private clinic

“Our clinic is building private rooms with a superior interior design that patients can choose when planning their hospital stay. Our service team is just not ready for it. With some patients paying out of pocket, we need to get ready for hotel-like services.”

mindset shift - automotive

“Of course we are perceived as a luxury brand. But unfortunately, this has also led to some employees behaving in an almost arrogant manner towards customers. We want to define a new vision for our brand and live it through concrete behaviour and guest-facing situations.”

strong competition - luxury goods

“What we offer is absolutely the best. Nevertheless, we have to increase our share of wallet and continuously assert ourselves against our competitors.”

e-commerce differentiation - retail

“E-commerce is conquering market share each year. But the good thing is: most customers that do make it to the store are intent to buy something. The experience at the store can’t be transactional - it has to be so different from purchasing online that customers choose to return to our shop again and again. Our customer journey has to inspire them!”

Planning for success

Our Process

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Phase 1 - Discovery:

We start with a personal visit or mystery shop to familiarize ourselves with your processes, structure, standards and corporate philosophy.  This phase often includes conversations with stakeholders in focus groups and is always enriched through our analysis of your actual customer feedback on review platforms and surveys.


Phase 2 - Service Hallmarks:

We then create a detailed customer experience map and identify which touch points will have the greatest impact on achieving your customer related goals. We write your service hallmarks and document how service is delivered at your organization.


Phase 3 - Training:

In a launch workshop we introduce your service hallmarks, standards and customer journey to your team. This is followed by smaller training sessions to practice and implement your service standards along the customer journey.

We encourage clients to produce their service standards as e-learning nuggets which is ideal for knowledge retention, onboarding new colleagues faster and to keep the newly developed service culture alive.

Consulting - Planning for Success

We'll tackle it together

 What's your challenge?

A hand holding a service tray.

Our clients see our background as an advantage for their companies, with the ultimate goal to leverage customer-centric approaches to positively impact the bottom line.


Each consultation is tailored to your needs and together we will define the project as well as the individual milestones.

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