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Workshops at The Skill Shop - Professional and trustworthy sessions

Clear agenda, structure and positive engagement

Professional and trustworthy sessions

Our In-Person & Virtual Group Workshops address key areas of your team’s sales and customer experience activities.  

Together, we define your desired training outcome and analyze your team’s knowledge or skill gap. Based on these parameters, we design the learning blocks for your team and intersperse them with engaging interaction.

Sales and customer experience workshop topics

Sales and customer experience workshop topics

Our clients have requested us to:

"Train my team some new sales skills to achieve our annual sales target."
"Introduce communication & conflict management techniques to improve colleague and customer relations."
"Help us to master custom
er feedback and complaints."
"Guide our operations colleagues in using an after-sales strategy to identify upsell & cross-sell opportunities."
"Determine how to address the gap between top sellers and under-performers in our after-sales team."
"Show us how our
 sales colleagues can optimize the customer journey."
"Develop a client retention strategy with our team and build loyalty at different stages."
"Give our team a basic understanding of personality types to elevate our customer interactions."

Number of participants

Group Size

Our Clients - Workshops
The Skill Shop - Sales and customer experience workshop topics
For both in-person and virtual workshops we facilitate groups of up to 20 participants and recommend that online sessions are delivered in one hour nuggets for optimal results. 
We review the detailed roles and typical duties of the participants, understanding how well they know each other and if they’ve previously been exposed to training on these topics.

Our Method

Theory + Interaction + Action

Workshops - Our Method

We look at human psychology to guide participants towards the highly important “A-ha” moments in customer experience .  We include components such as best practice examples, exercises, exchange of experiences, work aids, and checklists to engage participants.


No one wants to sit through yet another powerpoint presentation and listen for hours on end to a speaker. That’s why our workshops are based on a balanced mixture of presentation and discussion in the collective group as well as reflection and feedback in small groups to ensure a sustainable learning impact.


Once everyone’s back at the office, our concrete implementation steps guide your team to apply what they’ve learned in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Our Method - Workshops
Workshops hosted by The Skill Shop
Get Inspired


Sales Workshops with The Skill Shop
Mindset: The Beliefs and Behaviours of Sales Success

In this workshop, we bring fresh perspectives to our role in sales and leave your team inspired and motivated.

Game Plan:
Define the Present and the Future

To define what future business is ahead, we review your sales KPI’s and consider from where your growth will come.

Negotiation Preparation

You're almost there and about to sign the sales agreement. Don't lose on your margin now. Instead, prepare for a friendly negotiation that results in a good piece of business for both parties.

First Impression: 
Preparing for an ideal introduction

In this workshop, we dive into human psychology to understand why we connect with some people, and not with others.

Business Development: Prospecting with Focus

We make developing new accounts less frustrating and this workshop teaches techniques to prospecting strategically.

Up-selling &
After the Sale

In this workshop, we clearly define the products and services ideal to create this extra income and how to position them.


Value Selling:
Shifting from Product to Value

With a value selling approach, we turn your sales team into value providers and true business partners for your clients.

Closing the Sale:
Building Partnerships


Closing starts at the beginning of the sales process and this session is about how to handle objections and when to use the four kinds of proof.

The Neuroscience of Sales: The 6 Triggers of the Primal Brain

In this session we explore the subconscious emotional decisions that people take every day and how we can use our sales communication to trigger the primal brain stimuli.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Workshops with The Skill Shop
Customer Journey Mapping

This workshop examines each of the critical journeys that impact measurable outcomes.  For companies wishing to increase revenue, customer satisfaction scores or net promoter score, we map out each journey and their touch points, leading to actionable recommendations.

Team Leadership

This workshop shares the inspirational mindset we find in luxury hotels and is ideal for leaders motivated to implement a sustainable mindset shift, a more customer-centric approach, or for corporate leaders looking to implement a change strategy in the field.

Service Excellence

We recommend this workshop for companies whose team is in need of inspiration, for those who wish to understand the definition of authentic service and for those who wish to create an empowered workforce for customer-facing teams.

Handling Customer Feedback

Handling customer feedback is vital component for sustaining long-term loyalty.  Together we examine the steps in managing your customer's expectations including the approach, listening, probing, finding & presenting the right solution, follow-up and tracking.  Strengthen customer relationships.

Building Customer Loyalty

This session centres on client retention strategies and is suitable for companies seeking to improve their market share, who lack a key account management strategy, or who simply need inspiration to revamp their customer approach.

Handling Customer & Colleague Conflict

We review the best methods to achieve positive outcomes when a conflict arises.  Participants get involved in activities to encourage empathy, consideration for other points of view, problem resolution, methods of maintaining calm and role play to practice what was learned.

Sales Training - Workshops
Customer Experience - Workshops


Some of our workshop topics

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