The Skill Shop 

Your holistic sales & operations advisor

The Skill Shop is a sales consultancy, guest experience innovator and

digital learning producer for SME's.


Every business is different and so are our projects!

That's why we tailor each growth or customer service strategy to your needs. What we mean by holistic? We produce your own online learning content to ensure the knowledge stays with you for years to come.



We help you to develop an inbound and outbound sales strategy. We build sales confidence in your team so that you no longer have to rely on the phone to ring. Are you ready to take charge of your sales?



How do we build customer loyalty in the future? What are the trends that impact the profitability of your business? We collaborate with universities and incubators to find out for you.



We create your own library of learning videos and combine them with virtual and in-person workshops to ensure the knowledge stays in your team. Learning is key to continuous success.


Rooted in hospitality, we work with SME's that have a B2B business model and

want to implement a customer-centric culture.

Hospitality Tech
Law Firms
Hotels & Tourism
Digital Media

Vicky Huffey
Managing Director 
Sassy Media Group

Katharina is a hugely warm and engaging sales trainer. I hired her to create a sales training programme for our team and she has been an incredible support throughout. Katharina helped our team to further develop their sales skills and build processes that will enable our team to work more in a more data driven and productive way. I can wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Ron Pellerine
General Manager
Metro Toronto Convention Center

Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big picture ideas & executing the small details — Julian is just that person. Julian understands the importance of building strong relationships & that ensuring bespoke guest experiences is key to overall success. I highly recommend working with Julian.

Diana Savelyeva
General Manager
GVA Interior

The advice and guidance I received from The Skill Shop was tailored to my context and company, making it very applicable! I was able to implement it into our team's sales routine. Katharina's expertise along with her energy made each sales training session very informative and fun. Working with Katharina was inspiring!

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