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Engaging and well-curated customer service unlocks your revenue potential and differentiates you from your competition. This workshop helps your team gain the skills needed for a positive customer experience. Filled with hands-on exercises, the successful participant will be able to engage confidently with your customer and will become a valuable ambassador of your organization . We cover the foundations of a sincere greeting, impeccable grooming, verbal and non-verbal communication, etiquette, self-control and an engaging farewell.

workshop highlights

At the end of this training, you will:

  • Be familiar with the long-term benefits on your customer interaction of the Halo & Devil Effect;

  • Know Effective Greetings that set the right tone and are in line with the culture of your business;

  • Use Grooming as an extension of your service values;

  • Utilize Body Language to reinforce what you are saying;

  • Understand how Positive Language can affect service excellence;

  • Be aware of how Etiquette in your daily behaviour can improve the customer experience;

  • Know the importance of Self-control in professional service; and

  • Understand how the right kind of Farewell can help to turn a customer into an ambassador for your brand.

format and pricing

This is a half-day workshop and is delivered at any location of your choice. Pricing depends on your detailed needs and group size. Please request pricing here

target audience

This workshop builds an important foundation for anyone in a customer-facing role.