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 Are you creating a product for hotels? 

Meet Julian


Are you developing a product or service for the hospitality industry?


Julian assists start-ups with:


  • Developing a proof of concept

  • Testing your product until it's flawless

  • Creating a strong value proposition for hoteliers & owners

  • Strategically positioning your product for the sales process

  • Analyzing stakeholder benefits

  • Making valuable hotelier introductions

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A seasoned leader with more than 15 years of luxury experience, Julian has guided various-sized operations in diverse markets.  Having accepted a role as Assistant Vice President - Family Experience in the Shangri-La Group, he was part of a strategic team with the objective to enhance service, products and programming for the hotel company globally.


Some notable assets for our clients include his hotel technology savviness, an ability to achieve award-winning recognition through exceptional service, his keen eye for operational profitability, the ability to create revenue opportunities, his deep knowledge of labour management and a personal passion for environmental sustainability.


Julian's operational experience includes pre-opening hotels, hotel re-branding, leading renovation projects, crisis management and VIP management at large scale events such as the Olympic Games and Toronto International Film Festival.