Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence for Client Retention


How do we convert a new client into a repeat customer?

Nothing is more satisfying than securing a new client.

How do we convert a new client into a repeat customer?

We apply the principles of luxury hospitality to your customer-centric organization to

improve every customer touchpoint.


We specialize in the following operational competencies:


Service Excellence

To keep clients once they're won, we need to engage them, no matter what industry. Today, excellent service needs to be paired with interactive guest tools. We measure our efforts along the customer journey.


Customer Engagement

How can we engage clients emotionally in a meaningful way without being intrusive? If you're ready to create a client engagement program that increases client retention, we're happy to assist.



Does your customer feel a sense of purpose when interacting with your brand?  Do they experience something unique, authentic? We create on-brand guest experiences from creative conception to roll-out. 


Safety & Security

Providing a safe and enjoyable environment for guests and colleagues should be at the core of every business.  We help clients to review processes for child safety, food handling, hygiene and VIP protocol, providing peace of mind.


Product Development

Are you developing a product for the hospitality industry, but don't have a hotelier on your team? We lend our expertise to start-ups targeting the hospitality industry to position products flawlessly.


Operational Concepts

From developing a commercially viable hospitality concept, to writing operational service guidelines with an implementation roadmap, we support you each step of the way.

Need more details? 

We are here to assist and can be reached by phone, email or our social media channels.