In order to succeed everyday and in the future, you need to equip your team with the right skill set to perform in a business environment that is more competitive than ever. Outstanding sales people have grown beyond getting the basics right and have learned to sell strategically. In this sales training, we address every step involved in building and executing that successful strategy.


workshop highlights

At the end of this training, you will:

  • Understand the new school of thought in sales;

  • Build a sales strategy and know how to execute it;

  • Know how to build your business pipeline;

  • Use prospecting techniques that work;

  • Uncover new business;

  • Ask probing questions to help you gain a competitive edge;

  • Make asking for referrals a habit to win more leads;

  • Know the concepts of "Telling" versus "Selling" and sell feature free;

  • Get creative and write real stories that engage your guest meaningfully;

  • Create presentations that stand out;

  • Execute impeccable and winning Site Experiences;

  • Use a consultative approach to selling;

  • Overcome customer barriers in the sales process;



format and pricing

This is a half-day workshop and is delivered at a location of your choice. Pricing will depend on your detailed needs and group size. Please request pricing here


target audience

Junior to mid-level sales professionals eager to improve their sales benefit most from this workshop.