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Modern Sales Skills for Everyone


Ready to modernize your client acquisition strategy?

Sales has changed dramatically over the past decade and the Covid-19 pandemic has

accelerated trends in the sales landscape in unprecedented ways.


For some, it's the lack of new inquiries, for others, it's the increased competition or digitalization of sales tools. Whatever your reason for rethinking the way you find new clients, we help you to develop a realistic sales plan which both, the leader and the team, feels comfortable with.


Ready to modernize your client acquisition strategy?

We review all steps along the sales process, refresh basic sales skills and help to modernize the way you approach your customers.


These are some of the most relevant sales competencies:




We are never pushy. Instead, we become "value providers" and true business partners with our clients. Right from the start of the sales process, we showcase the value a client stands to gain through our engagement.




The modern sales professional leads through insight which helps our client achieve their business goals. We show you how to become a valued expert and consultant in the eyes of your client.


Social Selling

Top sales performers are significantly more likely to use social media than average ones (43% to 29%). You don't like putting yourself in the spotlight? Not sure what to post or how to approach strangers on LinkedIn? We help you to define your social media approach. 


Inbound Sales

A well thought out inbound sales strategy captures our client's interest. Through multiple touchpoints, we increase our chances of receiving incoming leads. 


Outbound Sales

A proactive sales outreach is in our control. There is a direct correlation between time spent developing business and inquiries received. We help you to evolve your own business development 



Sales Playbook

What is the next step once someone has subscribed to your newsletter? How do you engage existing clients? We design your sales playbook for a smooth and consistent client experience.



You're almost there and about to sign the sales agreement. Don't lose on your margin now. Instead, prepare for a friendly negotiation that results in a good piece of business for both parties.


Sales and


Primal Brain

Did you know that humans take emotional decisions subconsciously and then rationalize them? That's why our sales communication has to trigger the primal brain stimuli.


Sales Onboarding

Are you welcoming a new addition to your sales team? We provide the tools for your new team member to hit the ground running. A personalized on-boarding makes for a motivated employee and satisfied client :)

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We are here to assist and can be reached by phone, email or by LinkedIn.

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