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 Previously Asked Questions 

How much does sales training for SME's cost?

That depends. Some learning programmes consist on five virtual training sessions with one participant, others of a mix of face-to-face training days, online learning specifically produced for the client and one-on-one sales mentoring calls. We can create programmes to suit a specific budget, so we'd recommend for us to have a talk. 

Is sales training most suitable for beginners, or also for experienced sales professionals?

Interestingly, top sales professionals receive more sales training than average sales performers. That means, that the opportunity to refresh your sales knowledge and sharpen your skills never ends. Beginners benefit from fundamental sales skills, whereas experienced team members may enjoy learning about coaching sales team members, virtual selling, or may want to get up to speed on sales trends.

What sales skills do I need to possess?

Opening up relationships, diagnosing, prospecting, storytelling, creating influence, closing and negotiation are just some of the skills we train. We especially want to help you develop a sales mindset and approach that you and the team feel comfortable with and enjoy. That's where consultative selling and value selling come in, for example.

You also help with operations. That's a wide field. What exactly can you help with?

Our deep expertise lies in customer service, customer engagement, employee engagement, hospitality concepts, building maintenance (such as cleanliness and building inspections) and VIP management. 

Do you work with any industry?

With the exception of a few select industries, the B2B sales process hardly varies. That's why we've worked with industries such as software, law firms, digital media, self-employed coaches, interior design firms and creative agencies, just to name a few. Our sales approach works best for SME's that want to be viewed as helpful in the eyes of their customer. 

Can I work with you solely on consulting or solely on training?

Of course! Some of our projects have been pure training projects, others pure consulting. We're flexible!

When do I need consulting, when training?

We have learned that consulting and training often go hand in hand. To design your learning programme, we have detailed conversations beforehand to speak about your company goals. During this process, we can consult you on your sales processes or operational challenges and are happy to share our recommendations with you. For our consulting work, we often use a training programme to deliver the outcome to your team. We want to ensure the knowledge stays with you for years to come! To answer this questions best, let's have a chat!

Need more details? 

We are here to assist and can be reached by phone, email or our social media channels.

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